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PDR-Team has performed an outstanding service as a partner to car dealerships, vehicle service providers, insurance companies and claims adjusters throughout the USA. We use an efficient and economic repair method called PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) to repair hail damages and parking dents. In addition to that, we can ensure satisfaction and relief to our clients with our extensive range of performances and services as well as specialised framework offers for business customers.

From appointment scheduling of your clients to returning the repaired vehicle, we offer the entire claims management.


PDR-Team – Hagelschaden – Privatkunden – Ablauf Step 1

On request, we will arrange the appointment with your customers

1. Termination
PDR-Team – Hagelschaden – Privatkunden – Ablauf Step 2

Your customers receive an appointment in our hail drive-in or in your garage

2. Appraisal appointment
the appraisers evaluate the damage of the vehicle

the appraisers evaluate the damage of the vehicle

3. Expert opinion
We arrange a desired appointment with the customer

We arrange a desired appointment with the customer

4. Repair appointment
PDR-Team – Hagelschaden – Privatkunden – Ablauf Step 5

We will inform the customer by text message about the current status of the repair

5. SMS
PDR-Team – Hagelschadenreparatur – Businesskunden

The customer vehicle can be picked up from us and returned to the customer

6. Pick up & delivery service
PDR-Team – Hagelschaden – Privatkunden – Ablauf Step 6

Your customer receives a free replacement car

7. Replacement car
PDR-Team – Hagelschadenreparatur – Businesskunden

If a windshield repair is necessary, we will take care of the replacement

8. Window repair
PDR-Team – Hagelschaden – Privatkunden – Ablauf Step 7

The damaged vehicle is professionally repaired and damaged spare parts are replaced

9. Repair
PDR-Team – Hagelschaden – Privatkunden – Ablauf Step 8

The vehicle is cleaned before being returned to the customer

10. Cleaning
PDR-Team – Hagelschaden – Privatkunden – Ablauf Step 9

We assure our clients of the highest quality

11. Quality
PDR-Team – Hagelschaden – Privatkunden – Ablauf Step 10

The repaired vehicle is handed over to the customer

12. Return
PDR-Team – Hagelschaden – Privatkunden – Ablauf Step 11

Our goal is achieved: Highest satisfaction of the client

13. Customer satisfaction


With the Hail-Drive-In into the hail season

Particular challenge, particular solution: To be able to handle the annual hail damages running into millions quickly and cost-effectively, PDR-Team has created the mobile Hail-Drive-In. Here, business customers benefit from special framework offers and collective expertising.

From the range of services of the Hail-Drive-In:

  • Mobile, flexible service – operational within a delay of 24 hours
  • Coordinated claims management through a permanent contact person on site
  • Rapid processing and short repair times
  • Appointment scheduling of your customers by our Call Center and our online Claims Portal (including SMS reminders)
  • Repair at the highest level
  • Assembly and dismantling works
  • Live demonstrations of the PDR method  
  • Supply of replacement vehicles
  • Repair of any car brand throughout the USA

Find out why renowned car dealerships, vehicle service providers and insurance companies rely on the cooperative services of PDR-Team:

  • Free damage assessment by our staff according to Audatex
  • Easing the burden of your evaluators through our experts
  • 5 years guarantee on our repairs
  • Cost optimisation of up to 60% compared to traditional hail damage repair methods
  • Optimal value preservation of your vehicles  
  • Framework offers based on attractive conditions
  • Repair status 24/7 through our online Claims Portal


Current hail damages? We would be pleased to create a non-binding framework offer for you!

Our full-service package for insurance companies
For insurance companies and their clients, we establish a collection point in case of big hail events. This includes:

  • Experts evaluate on-site all damages addressed to us
  • Repair of customer vehicles immediately after expertise and according to the customer’s wishes
  • Documentation of each single damage as well as previous damages in our database
  • Clarification of eventual repair extensions with the respective expert (possible per email and attached to the repair)
  • Rapid invoicing
  • Insight into the repair at any time thanks to the HCP-Portal: Appointment scheduling and repair of vehicles (repair protocol as well as invoice are available in electronic form)
  • Replacement vehicles or shuttle service on request
  • Welcome corner with friendly service for your clients (mothers with their children are also taken care of)

Our full-service package for car dealerships
We know that a violent hailstorm can seem disastrous to dealership managers since such great hail damages normally entail a lot of work and great expenses. PDR-Team can support you in an efficient and cost-effective manner:

  • Repair of your vehicles on site or via pickup and return – primarily using the Paintless Dent Repair Method
  • Versatile support upon request, from assembly and dismantling to appointment management (e.g. appointment scheduling with time mechanism) and up to customer service in the range of customer registration and vehicle return
  • Within the framework of a package deal for your existing vehicles in consideration of your deductible

Our full-service package for forwarding companies and factories
Forwarding companies and factories are often confronted with a very high number of damaged vehicles and especially here it is important to have all vehicles repaired as quickly and uncomplicated as possible. You can rely on PDR-Team in such a case:

  • We answer within 24 hours and draw up a package deal for all vehicles to be repaired
  • Repair of the entire vehicle fleet in the shortest time possible thanks to an internally developed process that is tailored to your every need
  • A large number of technicians and organisers is working for you – from the listing of vehicles to quality assurance and up to vehicle return
  • In any case we assure you: An immaculate vehicle is guaranteed after our repair!