The system for measuring hail damage on car

Detect & measure – even the smallest dent in its size and
position through high-resolution 3D model

Automatic segmentation of the car body to distinguish
where the dents are located

No previous vehicle data required for the scan

Processing speed of 10 scans per hour

Construction and transport

Thanks to careful development, the construction and transport are made easier and more automated.

Simple and automated assembly and operation.

Transportable by trailer or van

Assembles in one hour with one person

Quick calibration

Total weight of 600 kg

Total 2350 parts


Space saving and low requirements

Ground area:
4m x 3m, with easy access

Ceiling height:
only 3.3m

no direct sunlight

flat and solid

optionally between 5° and 35° Celsius

Vehicle condition:
clean and dry

Car paint:
glossy finish

Vehicle types:
all types of cars, including SUVs and minibusses

The result

Colibri creates a 3D model of the vehicle that shows in detail and with positional accuracy where the damage is located.

The 3D model includes marked dents per component

Can be exported in various formats such as .PDF, .CSV, and .JSON.

Almost any desired format is possible

Colibri also has an interface with the management tool “HCP” and DAT

The Colibri System: How it works.